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This is a guide to Hubert’s basic functionality and features. The best way to get to know Hubert is to try the live chat or to simply create an evaluation. It's easy!

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Your secure account space hosts everything you’ll need to collect and analyze feedback. Hubert is pre-trained on the areas of Human Relations, Customer Experience and Course Evaluations.

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In your free account, you will find a set of question templates that Hubert will use as a basis in his interviews. During the conversation, Hubert looks at each response and determine the best way forward. If a response does not contain any useful information, the respondent will automatically be asked to be more precise or to answer a follow-up question.

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Choose a template, try it out yourself and make the desired changes. When you are ready to release Hubert onto his mission, deployment is easy. You can either choose to send out an email using Hubert’s built in form or distribute the unique link that comes with every new evaluation.

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A link is automatically generated for every new evaluation that you create and can be shared via your internal email system, SMS or by QR-code. When a new respondent enters an evaluation, Hubert takes a print of the device to prevent multiple sessions and to keep track of exits. When a respondent drops out and returns later, Hubert will start from where the respondent left.


The chat

Surveys are built to be computer friendly. Hubert is built to be human friendly.
Hubert mimics a real interview in a familiar chat format. The experience is built to be as intuitive as possible. If the respondent has any questions regarding the evaluation, Hubert is happy to answer them directly in the interface.

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Hubert automatically compiles the essence from every conversation into a comprehensible dashboard. Topics that are closely related are grouped together and the sentiments are analyzed to form an intuitive and holistic view of the respondents opinions. Get your daily check-in at the overview, dig down deep to individual comments or share insights with your colleagues. The choice is yours.

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