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Hubert loves CX

Hubert is the new way of collecting insights on your customers’ experiences. Using fewer surveys and more conversations make it easier to understand your customers' true needs.

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Understand your customers on a deeper level with automated conversations

Hubert automatically issues probing follow-up questions for an in-depth dive into your customers’ needs and wants. Uncovering stuff you’ve never even thought about asking.

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Honing in on what’s important

With Hubert, you’ll not stop at knowing that this-and-that were good or bad. Digging down to the why is what really matters. That means up to 85% less non-informative data in your results.

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Personalize your feedback management

Hubert makes sure your customers feel listened to. Every conversation is meticulously designed to quickly grasp what’s important and to strengthen your relationship.

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Automatically compiled results

Hubert produces qualitative data at a scale you’ve never seen before. Advanced text analytics is integrated into Hubert to refine that data into actionable insights for quick and easy adjustments.

“Very easy to complete and different from most surveys. It made the experience much more interesting”


“It was more interactive like I was having a conversation. I wish all surveys were like this.”

Professional using Hubert

“Allows me the freedom to express my opinions in an engaging and interactive way.”

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Deepen your customer relationships

Set up your organizational structure to send actionable data to the right person at the right time.

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Common questions

Why should I switch to Hubert?

Well, why would you live in a house when you can live in a cave?
Once you’ve tried Hubert you’ll know why. To get you convinced, have a look at this page.

Are you GDPR-compliant?

Yes, Hubert is fully compliant. No responses can be traced back to the respondent. All inputted personal details are filtered front-end. Reach out to us for more information on GDPR.

What is the Hierarchy feature?

We’ll set up an organizational structure for you to make sure relevant data is directed to the right person.