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Hubert loves to read, so we wrote some white papers for him. Maybe you'll like them too!

Case studies

Siemens case study

Making Siemens a great place to work is at the very top of the priority list. Collecting and analyzing employee feedback is a cornerstone in this work. Traditionally this has involved long and tedious surveys, but with Hubert, insight was reached in a faster and more engaging way.

  • Significantly increased response rate compared to traditional surveys
  • Over 6 hours of manual work saved per evaluation
  • Cut survey administration time with over 90%
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siemens case study



Open-ended Stop, Start, Continue feedback gives great insights but can be hard to analyze. Download the guide to get a flying start to uncovering your feedback!

  • Categorization
  • Analysis
  • Communicating and acting on your feedback
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Text analytics can be the answer when you need a quick and accurate analysis of open-ended comments, and getting started is easy! In this report, we'll explain how it works and help you to a flying start.

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