Busting 5 common misconceptions about AI in recruiting
June 8, 2022
Guest writer - Jessica Robinson
AI in recruitment is one of the top trends transforming the face of the contemporary business world. Organizations are now giving up traditional recruiting practices and making way for smart and innovative approaches.

Of course, both innovation and smartness in this digital era are synonymous with artificial intelligence. AI is helping businesses to refine their hiring practices for competence like never before.

However, it is ironic that some queer myths about AI in recruiting are holding businesses and recruiters back from exploring its merits to the fullest. For businesses to be able to leverage the scope of AI in recruiting to the fullest, it is quintessential to debunk these myths. Having said that, this blog puts forth some truthful and genuine assertions to confront the common misconceptions about AI in recruitment. So, without further ado, let’s begin the debunk!

Factual assertions to debunk myths about AI in recruiting

1. AI is here to assist recruiters and not replace them

The myth that AI will replace recruiters in near future is futile and needs to be busted with a sense of urgency. This myth is in fact the biggest roadblock in the smooth transition of conventional recruitment practices to more effective and unbiased recruiting. Recruiters are skeptical and reluctant around this transition fearing they will be rendered jobless. However, that is not the case at all.

It is imperative that everyone in the corporate world realizes that AI is here only to assist recruiters. AI has the immense prowess to add value to the efficiency of recruiters and to help them manage their overwhelming workload. It is a given fact that recruiters often find themselves trammelled with a huge influx of applications, queries, and other work commitments. In fact, there are various reports that suggest that recruiters are among the most prone corporate workers when it comes to burnout.

Having said that, AI is for the good of recruiters and not to steal their livelihoods. With the integration of AI, recruiters can manage their workload better and improve their productivity. They can create great candidate experiences with brisk responses and guided instructions throughout the application process with the help of AI bots. To substantiate, the findings of a LinkedIn survey reveal that 67 percent of hiring managers are grateful to AI for saving time. The role of AI in producing excellent candidate experiences is something that recruiters need to acknowledge with immediate effect.

With AI at their disposal, recruiters will be able to screen candidates and bridge communication gaps in a worthwhile way. This will be salient to the reputation of both recruiters and the organization among candidates. Moreover, the entire talent acquisition process will be streamlined and that will prove to be a great competitive advantage for any organization.

Yes, AI is the way forward but that does not mean it will move recruiters out of the way. Recruiters and AI will work in collaboration to produce excellent results like never before. Given that, they must be seen as companions and not competitors!

2. AI tools in recruitment are not over the top complicated

Another popular misconception about the integration of AI in recruiting is that AI tools are too complicated. The truth, however, is in stark contrast to this famous myth. Neither are AI bots dreadful nor are AI tools intricate. With the right software and tools, it is easy to integrate and use AI and machine learning across different domains of business operations.

Besides, in the initial phase of the transition, changes may seem too overwhelming. However, that is the case with every major change in the workplace. With effective training and hands-on experience, AI will seem a blessing and not an obstruction to productivity.

In fact, as per Undercover Recruiter, 80 percent of recruiters assert that AI adds more efficiency and agility to their performance. For sure, that would have not been the case if AI was indeed too complicated to use. Most recruiters see AI adding value to their careers rather than complications.

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3. AI is not the replacement for human intellect

Human intellect in contemporary times is evaluated from the purview of both IQ and EQ. Automation brought about by AI in recruiting can certainly prove to be a more improvised substitute for IQ. In fact, there is empirical research that makes a strong case for AI leading to the complete automation of sourcing, screening, and matching. However, AI can never replace emotional intelligence which is exclusive to humans.

To explain, yes, AI can replace screening and matching however, it is ineffective when it comes to relationships between candidates and recruiters. Relationships work on EQ and not IQ! AI can never be a replacement for virtues like empathy, trust, sixth sense, and assessment of character. This is where the assumption that AI will be an alternative to human intelligence falls flat on its face. The bottom line is that AI will amplify human intelligence and not overshadow it.

4. AI does not make recruitment an expensive process

The incorporation of AI in recruiting is a cost-effective investment that can save operating costs. Any assertion that says otherwise is a myth that needs to be countered. With the use of AI, there can be a dramatic downfall in expenses per hire. As per SHRM, the cost per hire on average is USD 4425. Companies that have already incorporated AI in recruiting have been able to bring down the cost per hire by 35 percent.

This validates the fact that AI in recruiting is not only time-effective but also cost-effective. Moreover, because AI in recruitment minimizes the prospects of hiring bad candidates, reduced cost of replacement is an indirect cost-benefit of AI in recruiting. Having said that, businesses can leverage AI to make hefty savings on operational costs.  

5. AI is not meant to facilitate recruitment in large enterprises only

Some people argue that AI in recruitment is only suitable for larger enterprises. However, there is no merit in this assertion or presumption. In fact, AI-backed recruitment can facilitate a more rampant growth of small and medium enterprises. As mentioned above, from preventing high operating costs to helping organizations acquire the best talents in a time-efficient manner, AI in recruiting can render a wide spectrum of advantages to small businesses.

Be it for remote jobs or hiring in-house employees, AI can make recruitment processes far more worthwhile for businesses of all leagues. In fact, small or medium businesses will not have to think on the lines of having a big recruitment team in place given the immense efficiency added by AI. Having said that, AI in recruiting is everyone’s game to win!

To encapsulate, AI is proving to be a game-changer in the vertical of recruitment and its integration should only make recruiters feel happy. AI can help recruiters bring in some massive positive overhauls in their organizations and also facilitate their individual career growth. Once recruiters, business leaders, and human resource managers liberate themselves from myths encircling AI in recruiting, they will be able to see the brighter sight of it. The sooner they look beyond these myths the better they can leverage the scope of AI for taking their organization to the next level.  

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Busting 5 common misconceptions about AI in recruiting
June 8, 2022
Guest writer - Jessica Robinson
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