There’s a better way to shortlist.
Automate Your Workflow
Traditional candidate selection with CVs is a thing of the past. With Hubert, you’ll spend 80% less time screening.
Saved time
Stay Fair And Objective
Automate your hiring from application to shortlist and reduce rating variability. No bias, no gut feeling, no nonsense.
More diverse teams
Engage candidates
Invite all applicants to a human-centric interview where they can speak their minds freely and be heard.
Average candidate experience
Elevate your recruitment with conversational AI
Hubert's AI is built with accuracy, user experience and explainability in mind. Leverage it to screen and shortlist thousands of candidates in a flash.
Hubert candidate analytics
Identify the right candidates with ease.
With Hubert, you’ll spend more time with qualified candidates and less time wading through CVs.
Hubert is integrated with the most widely used ATSes on the market to make experiences seamless. If you’re using a different system, or no system at all, we can still support you by using unique links.
ATS integrations
Teamtailor, Talentech, Intelliplan, SAP SuccessFactors, Recman, Workday, Workable, Oracle Taleo, Smartrecruiters, Lever, Jobvite, Talent Recruiter, Reachmee, JazzHR, iCIMS, Kenexa Brassring, Greenhouse ATS, ADP, Cornerstone, Salesforce and more...
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Let Hubert amplify your ATS
Hubert has been trained to find top candidates automatically, based on the outcome of structured, competency-based interviews.
Expand Your Team Now
Add Hubert to your high-volume hiring team
Supported sectors
Hubert can automate processes for most high volume roles with formidable accuracy. Every candidate gets the exact same chance and is guaranteed a hasty follow-up.
Built on decades of scientific progress.
Structured interviews are a great way of predicting future work performance according to science. Hubert reinforces the pros of this method and removes the cons.
Spend less time screening and more time creating value.
Remove unconscious bias from the process and promote DEI-efforts.
Engage your candidates!
Hubert is loved by recruiters and candidates alike.
Run a lean recruitment team. Handle more applicants per recruiter and reduce time to fill.
Scale your recruitment effectively and broaden your sourcing.
Fully GDPR-compliant.
Personalized interviews with every single applicant.
Every job seeker wants to be heard and recognized. Let Hubert make sure that wish comes true.
Save time and money throughout the recruitment process while reducing bias and boosting the candidate experience. Sounds too good to be true? Join heaps of thought-leading hiring teams and find out why they all chose to partner with Hubert.
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Learn why recruitment leaders rely on Hubert
Filling out a static job application is not a great way to start a professional relationship. In today’s job market, you need to stand out both in terms of effectiveness and user experience. Hubert is accessible 24/7.
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A candidate experience that stands out
It's not really magic but... pretty darn close.
Hubert is a conversational AI platform built to simplify hiring for forward-thinking organizations. Sign up for a demo now and see just how close to magic you can come within talent acquisition.
The interview can be started directly when applying to create a live recruitment flow.
Hubert conducts a structured interview and presents the outcome as a score automatically.
Hubert highlights top-scorers and hands them over to his human colleagues for the next step.
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