RecFest 2024: Hubert Takes Over the AI Stage – Join Us!
July 3, 2024
Join us for the festive atmosphere, to delve into the world of conversational AI, or simply for the seriously awesome bucket hats.
Mark your calendars for July 11th as Hubert takes over the AI Stage at RecFest – the world's largest and most electrifying talent acquisition event.

Forget the mundane trade shows and repetitive hotel conferences; RecFest is where innovation, excitement, and networking collide in a festive fusion. And guess what? Hubert is thrilled to announce our attendance at this year’s event. You will not only have the opportunity to witness Hubert’s technology firsthand, catch us alongside DJ Reggie Yates or snag some epic merch, but also to join us on the AI Stage to peek beneath the surface of conversational AI.

Hubert on the AI Stage: What on Earth is Conversational AI?

“Conversational AI is going to be as important to your company as having a website" according to some leading AI visionaries. It has fundamentally changed the way we interact with technology, but what lies beneath the surface of these human-like interfaces? And, most importantly, what potential does it hold for your Talent Acquisition team? Come find out at RecFest’s AI Stage at 3:30PM where we will break the ice about conversational AI and inspire with some real candidate feedback that might surprise you. For any HR professional curious about AI implementation, this session is a must!

What to Expect from Hubert at RecFest

Hubert is on a mission to transform high-volume screening processes with the latest human-centric AI technology. Here’s a sneak peek at what you can expect from us at RecFest:

Exclusive Insights: Attend our speaking session on the AI Stage at 3:30PM, where we’ll delve into "What on Earth is Conversational AI, Really? And Who is Hubert?" Gain valuable insights into the true nature of conversational AI, key considerations for implementing it in your organization, and why you should be optimistic about its future for recruiters and candidates.

Demo booth DS13: Come say hi and see how Hubert’s structured AI interviews can save you 85% of your manual screening work, screen candidates with 2x-5x more accuracy, and improve your candidate experience.

Party with us: Join us for an unforgettable evening of fun, networking, and celebration!

Hubert on the After Party

As the sun sets, the excitement doesn’t end. Hubert is taking over the after party, ensuring that the fun and networking continue into the night. Expect an unforgettable evening filled with great music, engaging conversations, and a few surprises that will make this RecFest one to remember…

What is RecFest?

RecFest is only the biggest and world’s largest event for Talent Acquisition (TA) and Human Resources (HR) professionals. Imagine a vibrant atmosphere where resourcing leaders, hiring managers, and TA specialists from all around the globe come together to learn, share, and celebrate the latest in recruitment technology and strategies.

We hope to see you there!

TLDR; What You Need to Know
  • Hubert is sponsoring RecFest 2024 – the world's largest Talent Acquisition event in Knebworth, United Kingdom, on July 11th
  • Come see us on the AI Stage at 3.30PM to learn "What on Earth is Conversational AI? And Who is Hubert?
  • Say hi to us and learn about Hubert's technology first hand on booth DS13
  • ... if you're going, make sure to let us know! 

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RecFest 2024: Hubert Takes Over the AI Stage – Join Us!
July 3, 2024
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