Three tasks that recruiters can remove from their to-do list
March 15, 2022
Viktor Nordmark
The continuous development of technology has resulted in three things:
you can’t brush your teeth without using an app, you haven’t moved unless your activity tracker tracked it, and recruiters no longer have to do traditional recruiter tasks.

Jokes aside, technology has (thankfully) relieved recruiters from mundane, time-consuming tasks that are either rewarding nor fulfilling. Today, we’ll look into three tasks that you’ve been relieved from doing thanks to automation. If you’re not already familiar with them, we’ll hope you can get some inspiration on how you can alter your work to make it easier and more fun. 


Gone are the days of screening resumes long after hours. When automated resume screening entered the arena, you could suddenly turn your focus away from the papers and back to the candidates in front of you.

How does it work? 

Say you’ve signed up for a resume screening service. The first thing you’ll be asked to do is type in what keywords you’re looking for in a resume; education, experience, geographic location, etc. These are the minimum requirements and also the parameters the software will base its decision on. What the tool then does is screen the resumes and look for the keywords/attributes you’ve marked as important. On a whim, you’ll receive a shortlist of the candidates the tool has deemed worthy of a second look. 

How do you import all the applications into the tool? Well, if you’re using a modern tool, it’s most likely so clever that every job ad you’ve is connected to the cv-screening tool; thus, the applications import automatically, and you don’t have to lift a finger. 

On top of that, hopefully, the tool is so kind as to provide you with a connect button to communicate with the applicants instantly. 

Initial screening interviews

A close to otherworldly new thing within recruitment is the notion that you don’t have to conduct an initial interview yourself!? In some scenarios, you don’t even have to meet with the candidates before you decide to hire them; a phone call could be enough.  At Hubert, we provide our clients with precisely this. “But, not meeting with the candidates, that’s the part I enjoy the most?” you might think. Don’t fret! You can conduct as many in-depth interviews as you like after the initial screening. This is simply a much easier and faster way to understand which of the candidates you should move on with. 

The text-based interviews are conducted by artificial intelligence and takes place online in a chat window. The AI uses natural language processing to decipher what the candidate is saying, and if what they’re saying is of value to the job at hand. The questions cover past experiences, the future, hopes and dreams, knowledge-base, competencies, and skills. The AI is also capable of testing a candidate’s skill during the same interview, which greatly minimizes time spent per applicant. 

You’re also liberated from CV-screening since Hubert screens as “he” interviews. If it turns out that the candidate has too little experience or the wrong education, Hubert will not shortlist them. But if the candidates do tick your criteria, Hubert will create a shortlist of the top candidates and give you an idea of why it has chosen them as top choices. 

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Fewer subtasks thanks to interconnected workflow

If you’re using tools like the ones previously mentioned, perhaps many tasks have disappeared from your daily work without you having realized it? A more obscure perk of technology is how it makes your workflow run more smoothly. Meaning, there are fewer sub-tasks connected to each task. If you used to schedule a meeting with each applicant, you no longer have to. If you used to send follow-up emails to every candidate, you no longer have to, and so forth. Because that’s the thing with all of these new tools, they are there to support you throughout the whole hiring process. This means that the creators behind the tools have made it their lives’ work to make your life easier; therefore, they’ve made sure to integrate an email, booking, or chat function into the tool so that you can seamlessly move from interview to booking, from screening to hiring. 

If you’re new to tools like this, we highly recommend you to check out what is out there! Book a demo with us at Hubert if you’re curious about online interviews or if you just want to learn how the h*ck a machine can decide which candidate should be shortlisted. 

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Three tasks that recruiters can remove from their to-do list
March 15, 2022
Viktor Nordmark
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