Automated Logistics Recruiting with Storesupport
January 22, 2022
Viktor Nordmark
With AI-driven screening from Hubert, Storesupport reaps the benefits of their high application numbers and automates a large part of the screening process. In short, this was the outcome of the pilot project: - 50% time saved on screening - Half as many telephone interviews needed - Over 80% rating accuracy
As their name implies, Storesupport provides services that further develop and increases the efficiency and profitability in the Swedish retail industry. Customers such as Axfood/Dagab, Matsmart, Linas Matkasse, Martin & Servera, Apohem, Apoex,, and many others, rely on their support to handle the day-to-day.
”We save tremendous amounts of time screening candidates as we can focus our full attention on the candidates that we know are a good match to our criteria.”
Magnus de Woul

With a constant need of adding more members to the 2000+ strong Storesupport-family, recruiting is a big part of what they do and has evolved into a core competence in their business.

When it comes to sourcing candidates, years of successful work with employer branding and targeted ads have brought great results. Every open position with Storesupport now attracts attention from hundreds of applicants. A dream come true in many aspects, but also a logistical nightmare when it comes to keeping up with the massive influx of applications.

The main benefits beyond the obvious resource savings that Storesupport saw in Hubert include:

Scaling a great candidate experience

Building a great employer brand is neither cheap nor easy. With Hubert, every candidate gets an immediate response and is guided to the next step.

Finding high-quality candidates fast

Hubert surfaces candidates with high accuracy.

Personalization at scale

Offering every candidate a chance to stand out early in the process makes for a tailored experience for every candidate, regardless of scale.

Reducing bias and promoting diversity

Eliminating the bulk part of human interaction early in the process and only using objective criteria effectively limits bias and promotes a more diverse first selection.

Revamping the screening process with the latest AI-technology

The Hubert concept is pretty straight-forward; deploy NLP-based machine learning to automate the interview and rating procedure in recruitment processes with large application volumes and output only candidates whom match the recruitment criteria’s.

As any recruiter in high volume recruiting will certify, conducting the same process manually with 500 applicants is no easy feat to achieve in a tight timeframe. Storesupport operates their recruiting using the ATS; Teamtailor, which Hubert integrates right into. The screening is triggered as soon as a new candidate lands in the inbox. Next, an invitation to the interview goes out along with some simple instructions to start the process.

Huberts’ screening algorithm puts a heavy emphasis on three areas:

  • Qualifying questions
  • Competence-based questions
  • Previous experience

Everything from motivation, language proficiency, working inconvenient hours to preferred start date and salary expectations get assessed and is woven into the rating output.


To try out and evaluate the pure business value from automated screening, the pilot was set up around a single high-volume position.
The pilot concluded that Hubert was able to supply large value to the process in three main areas:

Time saved

In total, Hubert was able to reduce the screening time by 50%.

More precise matching

Hubert decreased the total number of telephone interviews by half due to identifying the best matching candidates early.

High rating accuracy

When comparing Hubert ratings to a human recruiter, the accuracy averaged around 80% and is expected to rapidly increase over time.

Roll out

After working closely to perfect the interview, Storesupport has incrementally shifted the majority of their recruitment processes to the automated recruitment supplied by Hubert. The goal is to keep expanding to cover all new recruitment process over a month or two.

Closing words

Working with the extremely competent folks at Storesupport has been an educational experience and has brought added quality into the product. It’s always fun to see the value Hubert regularly supply to our customers in action. And we are looking forward to continuing to deepen and expand our collaboration and use our gained knowledge to help more companies in similar positions.

January 22, 2022
Viktor Nordmark
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