Automating customer support recruiting with Amendo
February 1, 2022
Viktor Nordmark
Regularly seeing hundreds of applicants for every open position is no news when recruiting entry-level customer support agents. The Swedish recruitment company Amendo has a specific focus on these kinds of positions and knows the challenges attached all too well. Offering all applicants a bias-free opportunity to have their say while keeping time-to-fill at industry leading records. Amendo entered a new era in recruiting using Hubert's automatic AI powered job interviews.
As one of the most well-known recruiting companies in the customer-support segment, Amendo attracts thousands of applications every month
"In our competitive industry we are a well-known brand. Our focus has always been to be the personal brand in which both our customers and job seekers can trust. Not being able to maintain the high quality due to growth and popularity hurts. Hubert helps us stay on track supporting a growing business without sacrificing our employer brand."
Erica Gjälby
Business Manager Sweden

Amendo has grown rapidly to become one of the most well-known recruiting companies on the Swedish scene. With a distinct focus on CS-type roles, they are serving numerous customers from the largest banks to scaling startups. Every year they are filling well over 600 positions. Not only trusted by their many customers, Amendo is a sought-after employer. Recognized by job seekers as a career enabling company that takes care its consultants Amendo attracts a steady stream of job applicants.

With many job applicants follows a boat load of resumes and personal letters to be screened. A situation that seems like a non-issue becomes a bottleneck with far reaching ramifications on operations and brand image. More specifically here's how the screening of candidates is affected:

1. Screening is resource intensive

The odds of finding the right applicant increases as the volume goes up, but handling the influx manually takes a lot of time which can hurt both the candidate experience and the employer brand if not done efficiently.

2. Blunt screening tools

Knock-out questions are an alternative often used in high-volume recruiting. These simple Yes/No questions are a blunt tool especially for entry level roles taking little consideration to peripheral factors which limit the feasibility of such tools drastically.

3. Promoting diversity and removing bias

While trying to stay objective and giving every candidate a fair chance the ticking clock in the background is not always making this possible. Spending hours on end, reading resumes and cover letters of hundreds of applicants is more than likely to introduce unconscious biases.

Introducing Hubert into the recruitment process at Amendo

The idea behind Hubert is simple; leverage advanced AI to conduct interviews with all applicants and find out who the top candidates are — automatically.

Hubert’s involvement in the process triggers as soon as the application arrives in Amendo’s Applicant Tracking System, Teamtailor. The candidate receives an invitation to complete the next step in the recruitment process and initiates their interview with Hubert.

The candidate completes a structured interview with Hubert measuring both hard- and soft skills, motivation, previous experience as well as clearing out important questions such as preferred start date and availability, and most important: relevant competencies.

Hubert has been trained to ask competency-based questions and look for STAR (Situation, Task, Action, Result)-responses to evaluate how well the candidate’s competencies overlap those needed to perform well in the position.

All responses are then automatically analyzed and compared to the job description to form a ranked shortlist of the candidates.

The Amendo-Hubert synergy

Working with Hubert shows some clearly synergistic effects. The goal for Amendo using Hubert as their recruitment assistant was to increase efficiency while strengthening the candidate experience and support DEI* efforts.

Here are some of the benefits Amendo realized with Hubert:

  • 50% faster time-to-fill
  • Quality of hires at least as good as or better than before
  • Reduced unconscious bias to support DEI

*DEI = Diversity, equity, and inclusion. A central part in Amendo's recruitment strategy.

Is top talent for your customer support an essential part of your business? Are efficiency and inclusivity major focus points in your recruitment? Give us a call to hear how Hubert can help take your hiring process to the next level.

February 1, 2022
Viktor Nordmark
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