How Voi is scaling recruiting fast and affordable with Hubert and Teamtailor
January 9, 2022
Viktor Nordmark
Since first launching the Hubert AI-screening tool, a milestone has always been to integrate with the best applicant tracking systems out there, in order to improve the user experience and remove the hassle for users of working in multiple systems. Teamtailor is the obvious first choice in the Swedish market as they represent a strong wind of change in the HR-tech area.
They are a company that’s up and coming, rapidly growing, and has a laser focus on providing their customers with something that is not only beautiful and very intuitive but also well-thought-out and efficient down to the very last detail. When assessing Teamtailor and it’s functionality, it’s clear that the user experience is highly valued. But with today’s high-velocity recruitment, it’s also obvious that automated screening interviews would add essential added functionality.
”Hubert introduces a new level of applied AI that fits very well into our product offering. We truly believe that this integration will be vital to speed up and refine processes with a high volume of applicants.”
Fredrik Mellander 
Head of Partnerships

After a quick talk with the friendly staff at Teamtailor, they agreed that Hubert would be a great compliment to their existing process. And the decision was made to integrate Hubert’s AI into Teamtailor’s marketplace. The Teamtailor integration was put at the very top of our priorities due to two major factors:

  1. Teamtailor is the obvious choice for many forward-thinking companies out there.
  2. Ultra-cool scooter company Voi was anxiously waiting in line to try out the integration.
Voi, Voi, Voi…

As one of Europe’s fastest growing start-ups, Voi is constantly in high volume hiring mode and has been so for quite some time now.

Further explosive expansion throughout Europe demands a lot from the recruitment department in terms of speed and quality. Voi was actively looking for an add-on system to Teamtailor that would support recruiting in a professional, objective, and bias-free manner.

With thousands of roles to fill in a short time, Camilla Bråneryd who is the head of Talent Attraction for Voi, felt it was time to take their recruiting efforts to the next stage by introducing a new level of automation software.

”The timing with Hubert couldn’t have been better. We’ve just set up a strong global hiring team to ramp up our hiring and polish the candidate experience, and this really is the perfect technology to compliment and support our efforts. Hubert comes in as a natural next step in our process and lets every candidate express themselves much more freely than before which helps us eliminate bias. We have high hopes that Hubert will help us make more precise hires faster, more objective and at a significantly lower cost. The integration with the fabulous tool Teamtailor really tops it off”
Camilla Bråneryd - Head of Talent Attraction at Voi

Camilla’s colleague Steve Jacobs (who is one of the most competent TA-professionals we’ve ever encountered) was put in the lead for the project from Voi’s end. Steve is stationed in the UK, where he is tasked with leading the recruitment for Voi’s expanding markets.

Hubert functionally in Teamtailor

What the integration means for Teamtailor users like Voi is an option to use Hubert as a screening trigger within the Teamtailor Kanban. Applicants that enter a recruitment process where Hubert is active, all candidates will be invited to an automated interview that hones in on various aspects from soft skills, motivation, drive, competencies to more tangible factors such as education, previous experience, and required skillsets.

Using AI Hubert ranks incoming candidates based on a mix of open- and close-ended questions. Taking into consideration a multitude of factors Hubert assists recruiters in finding the best candidates for the job.

Candidate experience and feedback

One of the most critical aspects of recruiting is leaving all candidates with a lasting good impression from this close encounter. Modern-day companies, such as Voi, pour their heart and soul into building a good employer brand and we at Hubert want to do everything that we can to help in this endeavor through our collaboration with the eminent applicant tracking tool Teamtailor.

We take great pride in the feedback that we usually receive from candidates who have been through the process and work relentlessly every day to continuously improve the experience.

Closing words

From Hubert’s perspective, piloting our product with Voi in partnership with Teamtailor is a giant strive forward and something we look forward to with great anticipation. We have full confidence in this project and high expectations of the result. Any outcome that isn’t a huge success will be a substantial disappointment.

We will check in again in a few weeks as the projects progress so make sure to follow us if you want insight into the result!

“To me, Hubert looks like a fantastic tool that I think will go a long way in filling our recruitment system needs as an extension to Teamtailor. We see great potential for AI-technology in our field and are anticipating nothing less than astonishing results from this pilot.”
Steve Jacobs
Senior Manager, Talent Acquisition - Markets
January 9, 2022
Viktor Nordmark
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