Jobandtalent: Automating screening and shortlisting for 80% faster time-to-fill
November 28, 2022
Viktor Nordmark
With a proven ability to handle staffing challenges in various industries, Jobandtalent are constantly looking for ways to improve efficiency and quality in hiring.
Automating screening and shortlisting for 80% faster time-to-fill
“It’s not often we see game-changing innovations in the recruitment industry, but for the last year, Hubert and Jobandtalent have created a whole new level of efficiency and candidate convenience. As the candidate supply fluctuates, it’s reassuring to know that all our applicants receive a great candidate experience without being reliant on human interaction, especially when the inflow of candidates becomes extreme.”
Magnus de Woul
Head of Revenue

As a digital high-tech newcomer in the largely traditional staffing sector, Jobandtalent’s rapid expansion has been hard to miss for anyone in the business. As a one-stop-shop for everything related to temporary jobs, their digital platform has led the way into a new era for both employers who can find great staff in no time, and job candidates, that get a reliable partner in finding their next assignment.

With a proven ability to handle staffing challenges in various industries, Jobandtalent are constantly looking for ways to improve efficiency and quality in hiring. Developing the internal tech stack is an important part of that.

One of the most central parts of staffing is the match between the employer and the candidate. For desk-less jobs that Jobandtalent are specializing in, the traditional way of working is looking at the CV and interviewing the candidate both face-to-face and in telephone screening calls to get a good understanding of how well the candidate meets the criteria for the position.

The problem with this old way of working is that these positions attract the attention of thousands of candidates every month and finding the best applicants among the bulk is very resource-intense and can take days of manual work. The best candidates are usually on the market for less than 10 days, so finding them quickly is critical for success.

Jobandtalent has found a smart solution that enables them to instantly interview and evaluate every candidate while keeping both quality and candidate experience at an extraordinarily high level.

Hubert — Automating structured interviews

Teaming up with Hubert, Jobandtalent now invites all candidates to a chat-based structured screening interview that takes place as soon as they’ve clicked the apply-button.

The interview with the virtual recruitment assistant Hubert consists of a mix of open- and closed-ended interview questions that give all candidates a chance to tell their story.

As soon as the interview is completed, the responses are analyzed and automatically scored using a robust machine-learning engine. The candidates that are most likely to be a good fit are shortlisted and highlighted for recruiters.

It’s a win-win. Not only can Jobandtalent fill positions faster, but all candidates are evaluated on the same criteria– not accounting for name, age, looks, or other irrelevant aspects.

In short, Hubert interviews and evaluates all incoming candidates based on competence, experience, motivation, and prerequisites pertinent to the role. With the help of AI, recruiters get a sorted shortlist of high-quality candidates right inside their ATS, Teamtailor, to reach out to candidates and fill positions much faster than before.

"For our clients in high volume recruitment such as Jobandtalent, Hubert makes a huge difference in terms of recruiter efficiency and hiring speed."

Fredrik Mellander, Head of Partnerships - Teamtailor

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Implementation and quality control phase

With integrations to all major Applicant Tracking Systems, and an extensive library of interview templates for high-volumes roles, Hubert was integrated into Jobandtalent’s infrastructure in a matter of minutes.

The quality control process was planned in collaboration and followed a set structure:

1. Implement Hubert on one type of role in one location and closely monitor the outcome

2. Gradually roll out Hubert to cover a larger geographical area and more roles

3. Continuous optimization


Since the collaboration started, Hubert has been put in charge of positions varying from drivers, operators, warehouse workers, store personnel, picker/packers, forklift operators, event personnel, and more.

“High-volume positions have previously been a struggle to handle as they require a lot of our resources. Hubert is a fantastic time-saver for us. Almost all candidates enjoy chatting with Hubert and feel it’s modern and fun. A perfect tool for the job!“

Anneli De Soto — Business Area Manager

The main benefits beyond the obvious resource savings that Jobandtalent saw in Hubert include:

Scaling a great candidate experience

Building a great employer brand is neither cheap nor easy. With Hubert, every candidate gets an immediate response and is guided to the next step.

Finding high-quality candidates fast

Hubert surfaces candidates with high accuracy and as a direct result of better candidate-to-job matching, unwanted staff turnover has decreased.

Personalization at scale

Offering every candidate a chance to stand out early in the process makes for a tailored experience for every candidate, regardless of scale.

Reducing bias and promoting diversity

Eliminating the bulk part of human interaction early in the process and only using objective criteria effectively limits bias and promotes a more diverse first selection.

The results speak for themselves.

- Hubert found the best candidates with very little manual work

- Over 700 successful hires during the first few months

- Roughly 60% of the top scorers were hired by Jobantalent

- Over 90% described the candidate experience as ‘Excellent’

- 80% faster time to fill

- 33% lower unwanted staff turnover

”We save tremendous amounts of time screening candidates as we can focus our full attention on the candidates that we know are a good match to our criteria.”

Magnus de Woul — Head of Revenue, Jobandtalent

November 28, 2022
Viktor Nordmark
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