5 unusual ways AI can help you hire hourly workers
September 15, 2023
Viktor Nordmark
As of today, many companies experience high staff turnover, which, in combination with constantly shifting needs, requires an almost continuous recruitment process.
By allowing AI tools to be the guiding stars of the hiring process, you can make it more smooth and less time-consuming. Let’s find out how!

Manual screening, background checking, sourcing, interviewing, and onboarding take time away from ensuring quality hires. Human recruiters are splendid in and of themselves, but AI recruitment tools can increase their splendor. AI tools are here to transform time-consuming manual processes into efficient digital processes with the same, or sometimes better, results. Your initial cost for various AI tools will quickly generate a substantial ROI financially-wise but also work-load-wise. 

These examples showcase the versatility of AI in the hiring process for hourly workers. By leveraging AI in various aspects of recruitment, employers can not only make more informed hiring decisions but also enhance the overall candidate experience, reduce bias, and optimize workforce performance. It's important to select AI tools and solutions that align with the specific needs and goals of your organization and industry.


Predictive turnover analysis

AI can analyze historical data related to hourly workers, including turnover rates, performance metrics, and employee feedback. By identifying patterns and correlations in this data, AI predicts which candidates are more likely to stay with the company for an extended period and which may be at risk of leaving. This insight allows you to focus your efforts on retaining high-potential employees and reducing turnover costs. The data can also be used to find patterns in which candidates tend to perform their jobs well, which can be helpful in new recruitment processes because you have a better idea of which kind of personalities match the job criteria. 

Language and communication assessment 

For roles that require effective communication, AI can assess candidates' language proficiency and communication skills. Natural language processing (NLP) algorithms can analyze written or spoken responses to assess grammar, vocabulary, and clarity. This is particularly valuable when hiring hourly workers for customer service, call centers, or healthcare roles, where clear communication is crucial.

Automated reference checks

AI-driven tools can automate the reference-checking process by contacting previous employers or references listed by candidates. The tools can ask specific questions related to a candidate's job performance, reliability, and work ethic. Automated reference checks provide more consistent and objective information, reducing the burden on HR staff and speeding up the hiring process.

Skills assessment and training recommendations

Although these tools come into action after a hire has been done, they help you elevate an already existing hire. AI can administer skills assessments to candidates and identify areas where they excel or need improvement. Based on the results, it can recommend training programs or online courses that can help candidates enhance their skills and qualifications, making them better suited for the desired role. This not only helps employers find candidates with the right skills but also fosters ongoing skill development among the workforce, which benefits your whole organization. 

AI-driven initial screenings

We can’t write an article like this without adding ourselves to the batch! Hubert is your friend when it comes to quickly and accurately screening candidates. Hubert, an AI, asks each applicant a chosen set of questions in a chat and, based on your criteria, shortlists those it finds to be most suitable for the job. 

Blending AI with the most people-focused job there is is a glorious example of our times and it may feel daunting to try and unclear whether the results are better, worse, or the same? But those who don’t try will never know, and remember that you are the person with the last say, and the AI is only there to assist. 

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5 unusual ways AI can help you hire hourly workers
September 15, 2023
Viktor Nordmark
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