Hubert and Barona in cooperation towards competency-based screening interviews
March 13, 2022
Viktor Nordmark
Announcing: Barona is teaming up with Hubert to offer candidates a better experience, increase capacity, and lower unconscious bias!

With a great employer brand that comes with being a big recruitment company, Barona faces hundreds of candidates every week and are constantly searching for ways to improve their process.

“At Barona, we have the ambition to create a first-class and fair candidate experience and implement efficient and qualitative deliveries to our customers.We’ve been following the development of new AI-based tools for years and Hubert seems to be the game-changer that we’ve been looking for. This is exactly the kind of tool that we think can take both the candidate experience and customer satisfaction to new heights. Combining that with impressive resource savings is very appealing. We can’t wait to see the results!”

Johanna Mix — CEO, Barona

Hubert’s automated competency-based interviews have come to be in great demand for high-volume recruiters lately. With Hubert, Barona will strengthen their offer towards both candidates and customers through:

1.    Instant interviews when applying

Being able to engage in a chat-based interview directly when applying to a job turns out to not only attract more candidates but also reduce time-to-fill, waiting time and unconscious bias.

2.    More focus on highly qualified candidates

All applicants that’ve taken the interview will receive a matching score that will help recruiters spend more of their time on the best candidates.

3.    Structured and fair recruitment process from start to finish

Reaping the benefits of structured, competency-based interviews requires machinelike discipline. Hubert will both conduct interviews and evaluate responses through a systematical and consistent approach.

”With clear synergies in terms of hiring volumes, frequency and roles — Barona and Hubert is a perfect match. We are looking forward help Barona create a sensational candidate experience like we’ve done many times in the past”

Fredrik Östgren, CEO Hubert 

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Hubert and Barona in cooperation towards competency-based screening interviews
March 13, 2022
Viktor Nordmark
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