Product update June 2022
May 31, 2022
Viktor Nordmark
The product team at Hubert has worked tirelessly to build and develop the most requested functions for our awesome customers. Here's the outcome
Product update June 2022

Since our last major deploy in November 2021, the product team at Hubert has worked tirelessly to build and develop the most requested functions from our beloved customers. Here are some of the things we’ve been up to:

New functionality

New role templates 

We are onboarding new customers continuously while keeping up with expanding current customers into new roles. Apart from updating analysis models, questions phrasings, and so on, we have also produced some brand new templates for receptionists, customer support, and nannies to name a few.

New ATS integrations

We are now fully integrated into both Intelliplan and Recman which unlocks our product for a bunch of new clients. 

We have been working closely together with the team at Intelliplan and have some very exciting work ahead of us. 

Pin jobs, search, and select

A very sought-after function is the possibility to ‘pin’ jobs that are frequently visited. Pinned jobs can be found quickly through the pin menu and is set per user. 

We also have a brand new search bar that enables quick access to both candidates and jobs.

Job stats

Curious as to how your recruiting funnel looks? Are you screening enough candidates? Asking the right questions? How long time is spent in every step?

Job statistics will show you and provide help on how to maximize candidate experience and the efficiency of your process.

Functionality in progress


Nearly all of our clients have begged for this functionality to reach the hard-to-get candidates. We still have some work left, but please be patient as we are approaching the launch date rapidly.

New integrations

We will not rest until we’ve reached the most popular ATSes globally. Do you know someone in need of a helping hand using eg. Workday, Greenhouse, or Lever? Please connect with us!

New roles

Expanding our offering to new roles is a given. We release new templates continuously to keep up with popular demand.

Re-usage of interview responses

Most candidates love Hubert, but we get how that initial love can turn into something more complicated when contact is frequent. Soon, candidates will be able to apply for similar roles without having to retake the entire interview. 


The days of communicating back and forth about questions, weights, phrasing, and scoring framework are soon at an end. In the brand new GUI, you’ll be able to see all details related to your interview templates.

Default Hubert Roles

In addition to the interview templates for your current roles, we will make our existing library of default interview templates for other key roles available to you. They will be found at and in your ATS.

Implementation period
Product update June 2022
May 31, 2022
Viktor Nordmark
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