Attracting Talent at Scale: Mathem/Oda's Success Story with Hubert's AI Recruitment
October 26, 2023
Viktor Nordmark
Today, businesses around the world are constantly looking for innovative ways to streamline their operations and stay competitive. A standout example is Mathem, known as Oda in Norway, a leading online grocery retailer in the Nordics that has revolutionized the way people shop for groceries.
Founded in 2006, Mathem/Oda quickly established itself as a pioneer in the e-commerce industry, capitalizing on the growing trend of online shopping. The Swedish company disrupted traditional grocery retailing by offering customers the convenience of ordering groceries online and having them delivered directly to their doorsteps.
Hubert has had a huge impact on our volume recruitment; all candidates are handled in a quick and fair way, the outcome is better, and we save many hours of work every week.
Emelie Magnusson
Recruitment Specialist

Over the years, Mathem/Oda has built a loyal customer base and a reputation for reliability in the competitive grocery retail sector through its commitment to excellent customer service, a broad product selection, and efficient delivery logistics.

In this case study you’ll learn how the company's reputation as an employer of choice attracted a diverse applicant pool, and how they streamlined their hiring process using AI:

  • The Challenge: Traditional recruitment was labor-intensive and time-consuming.
  • The Solution: Hubert, the virtual recruitment assistant, engaged applicants with chat-based structured interviews.
  • The Outcome: Hubert's AI-driven approach not only expedited hiring but also ensured a fair, bias-free process. Candidate response rates soared to 80-85%, thanks to a user-friendly experience.

Seeing the potential of AI

Mathem's ambitions don’t stop at transforming the way Swedes shop for groceries. Recognizing the transformative potential of AI technology, Mathem set its sights on enhancing its internal processes, starting with its recruitment strategy for volume positions. The company sought to harness the power of AI to optimize the talent acquisition process, making it more efficient, data-driven, and ultimately, more successful.

Reaching the end-goal of getting groceries to people's doorsteps fast and at a large scale, requires staff that are committed to the cause and willing to work hard. Ultimately, Mathem's continued success hinges on their ability to identify high-performing individuals and hire them before competitors can act. Fortunately, Mathem's reputation attracts a large and diverse pool of applicants.

Traditionally, the task of finding the most suitable candidates among the thousands applying for roles in production and delivery was a labor-intensive and cumbersome process for the diligent Talent Acquisition (TA) team. The recruitment process previously involved manual screening of responses to screening questions, reviewing CVs, and conducting telephone interviews with a large number of candidates.

The updated process

Through a partnership with Hubert, Mathem has transformed this process. Hubert now engages with all applicants immediately upon application submission, conducting a chat-based structured screening interview.As a virtual recruitment assistant, Hubert administers a combination of open-and closed-ended interview questions, enabling candidates to present their qualifications uniquely. Following the interview, responses undergo automatic analysis and scoring, facilitated by a robust machine-learning engine. Hubert identifies and highlights candidates who are likely to be an excellent fit for Mathem, benefiting the recruitment team.

Emelie Magnusson, Recruitment Specialist at Mathem, commented on the partnership:

"There are plenty of options for candidate screening technologies in volume recruitment, but we are truly overwhelmed by Hubert's ability to engage candidates, ensure a quick and fair process, and save heaps of time for our TA team."


This new approach is a significant improvement for all stakeholders. Not only does it expedite Mathem hiring process, but it also ensures that all candidates are evaluated based on identical criteria, eliminating biases related to factors such as names, ages, appearances, or other irrelevant considerations. The response rate of approximately 80-85% and positive candidate feedback underscore the benefits for job seekers. Compared to outdated methods like video interviews as a first screening step, the higher response rates are attributed to the user-friendly experience and the convenience of completing interviews at candidates' preferred times and locations. Recruiters now spend significantly less time scheduling phone interviews and coordinating them with busy calendars.

In summary, Hubert conducts interviews and evaluates all incoming candidates based on competence, experience, motivation, and role-specific prerequisites. With the assistance of AI, recruiters receive a meticulously sorted shortlist of high-caliber candidates directly within theirATS, facilitating both quicker outreach and placement than ever before.

Integration and outcome

Mathem/Oda's recruitment operations in the Nordic region are anchored in the exceptional Teamtailor Applicant Tracking System (ATS), which seamlessly integrates with Hubert. The adaptation of Hubert to Mathem's existing workflow was swift, and the new process was rolled out within days.

Fredrik Mellander, Head of Partnerships at Teamtailor, noted,

"Hubert and Teamtailor form a remarkable partnership for TAteams, particularly in high-volume hiring scenarios. This collaborationexemplifies the significant value that artificial intelligence can bring toprocesses that were previously managed manually."

Emelie Magnusson, Recruitment Specialist at Mathem, added,

"Hubert has had a huge impact on our volume recruitment; all candidates are handled ina quick and fair way, the outcome is better, and we save many hours of work every week." 

With Hubert now handling initial screening and producing a sorted shortlist of promising candidates, Mathem has realized an 50% reduction in the time previously spent on screening activities. This time can now be reinvested in engaging with relevant candidates and enhancing employer branding initiatives, including building out the career page.


October 26, 2023
Viktor Nordmark
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