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January 28, 2022
Alex Beyer
How busy retail managers find ways to recruit great personnel with AI job interviews.
A typical week for an ICA store manager consists of running the shop and keeping the customers happy. There isn’t room for much else. A full-fledged HR department is out of the question for most grocery stores. At the same time managers are in constant need of good talent to fill open positions. Quite a conundrum that needs solving…which typically falls into the hands of the store manager who already has an overfilled schedule.
“Once you fall into the trap of being understaffed due to unforeseen sick leave, you as the store manager have to cover for what needs to be done. This creates a catch 22. You can’t spend time interviewing job candidates because you need to keep the store running.”
Michael Månsson
ICA Kvantum Helsingborg
The solution

ICA enlisted the AI recruitment assistant Hubert to take care of all incoming job applicants. Looking to fill several positions Hubert helped take candidates from application to shortlist.

The process

1. ICA publishes the job listing on different channels to maximize the number of applicants.

2. Every applicant gets the opportunity to complete a chat interview with Hubert whenever and wherever it fits them.

3. Hubert asks each candidate a number of closed and open-ended questions to assess skill sets and competencies relevant for the role.

4. Hubert scores the interview performance against data of thousands of candidates that applied for similar roles across companies and industries.

5. The store manager then reaches out to the candidates of their choosing for the final interview (typically the highest ranked).

Talking to the candidates while having their interview responses as additional background information leads to quick decision making and drastically shortened time-to-fill cycles.

The result

With the power of AI value was created for both the candidates and the recruiter. The candidates can express their motivation and background whenever it suits them. Adding to the candidate experience, follow ups happen within days instead of months which is common in high volume recruitment. While Hubert takes care of the recruiting, Michael can take care of his customers. A match made in heaven.

“Not only has Hubert helped me find talent and hire faster. I was surprised by the quality of the candidates Hubert delivered. I’m not interviewing any candidates anymore before they’ve taken the Hubert interview. I like the fact that all applicants are treated equally. I can make decisions based on data and experience, not just feelings.”
Michael Månsson
The facts

Summing up our work with ICA:

  • Without expaning the HR team — found and hired five times as many employees within five days of posting the jobs
  • About 80% time and resources saved
  • Candidate quality on first outreach after Hubert’s assessment was far above expectations
  • The job listing could be posted on even more channels leading to increased reach and more candidates
  • Better candidate experience due to faster process

Do you work in retail and want to know more about how Hubert can help your recruitment? Learn more here or reach out to us!

January 28, 2022
Alex Beyer
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