Innovative Hiring: Teleperformance Leap into AI-Driven Recruitment
January 12, 2024
Viktor Nordmark
Teleperformance, a prominent player in customer support services, faced a significant challenge: efficiently screening a massive influx of applicants while maintaining a high standard of professionalism and fairness throughout the recruitment process.
The introduction of, an AI-driven interview platform, revolutionized their approach, turning a daunting task into a streamlined and effective process.
The integration of Hubert into our process has been nothing short of revolutionary. We've seen our screening process time plummet from days to mere minutes, significantly boosting our operational efficiency.
Josefin Erséus
Teleperformance Nordic
The Challenge

Teleperformance Nordic were overwhelmed by the sheer volume of applications for Customer Support Agent positions. The traditional methods of reviewing resumes and conducting screening interviews were time-consuming, labor-intensive, and struggled to ensure fairness and consistency. The need for a solution that could handle high volumes quickly and without bias was paramount.

The Solution: introduced an AI-driven chat-based interview system that replaced the traditional CV and cover letter screening process. This innovative approach allowed for:

Rapid Screening:
The average time from application to screened candidate reduced dramatically from 4 days to approximately 45 minutes.

High Completion Rate:
70-80% of candidates completed the AI-driven interview, ensuring no great candidates were missed out on.

Valid and Reliable Assessments:
The quality of candidate assessment maintained, if not improved, compared to previous methods.

Deployment and Acceptance

Initially met with some skepticism, the deployment of an AI-driven system was both swift and seamless, taking less than three weeks from first contact. The results quickly won over the skeptics, including key figures like Tanguy Marmonier and Josefin Erséus, who were impressed by the positive feedback and efficiency gains.

Impact on Teleperformance Nordic

The integration of into Teleperformance's recruitment process had several significant impacts:

Increased Focus on Sourcing:
With the screening process automated and efficient, Teleperformance could redirect efforts towards a more efficient sourcing of candidates.

Improved Candidate Experience:
Candidates received professional treatment from application to conclusion, enhancing Teleperformance's reputation as an employer.

Data-Driven Decision Making:
The ability to meticulously monitor metrics facilitated more informed business and recruitment decisions.

Results and conclusion

• Time Savings: An 80% reduction in time spent on screening.

• Quality Improvement: A noticeable increase in the quality of hires.

• Positive Feedback: Overwhelmingly positive responses from both internal stakeholders and candidates, Candidate NPS improved by 2-5x.


Teleperformance's partnership with marks a significant milestone in high-volume recruitment. By automating the initial screening process, Teleperformance not only enhanced efficiency and fairness but also improved the overall candidate experience. This case study serves as a testament to the power of AI in transforming the recruitment landscape, particularly in high-demand sectors like customer support.

” Initially, there was some skepticism about replacing traditional methods with AI. But seeing the tangible results and positive feedback, there's a unanimous agreement that was the right choice.”
Tanguy Marmonier
Teleperformance Nordic
Transformation Manager
January 12, 2024
Viktor Nordmark
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