The School Must Go On
NGS Vikariepoolen
January 19, 2022
Alex Beyer
How Hubert helps NGS Vikariepoolen fight teacher shortage. Finding high-quality teacher substitutes quickly in times when regular educators fall ill or for other reasons cannot attend their classes is a daunting task
Hubert helps NGS Vikariepoolen in their quest to supply competent teacher stand-ins to schools in need. The virtual assistant streamlines the competence-based recruitment process and offers all applicants a chance to express their experience and ambitions for the job. Using automated chat interviews, NGS Vikariepoolen supplies schools with highly motivated individuals who are ready to step in and secure our children’s education.
“Working with Hubert, we aim at strengthening our position to meet the increasing demand of stand-in school personnel. Helping our recruiters focus on later stages of the recruitment process while letting Hubert take care of the initial competence-screening reduces time-to-fill dramatically. From what we hear, our applicants seem to have an overall better experience as we can follow up with them more quickly.”
Petra Granath
NGS Vikariepoolen
The Dilemma

The job market for teacher substitutes, assistants for student with special needs, and other school personnel is in constant motion. Schools have access to limited resources during times of vacancies and disease peaks. They need to fill the void with competent backups and experienced substitutes who can quickly get to grips with the work. Trying to find a stand-in within hours isn’t a feasible undertaking for the schools themselves. In medium-sized municipalities with around 200 schools there can be up to hundreds of positions per day that need to be filled.

The Hero to the Rescue

Here comes NGS Vikariepoolen! Maintaining a pool of qualified educators, assistants, and chefs they can cover an empty spot with a moment’s notice.

But …

Providing numerous stand-ins comes at a cost. There is no lack of motivated individuals ready to jump in and help. However, finding them among the sheer volumes of applicants is tough to say the least. According to NGS Vikariepoolen there can be over 400 applicants for one open position. That means time-consuming work for the recruiters. Simple knock-out questions aren’t enough since individuals can be highly motivated but fail to land the job due to one yes/ no question. Screening hundreds of candidate emails, personal letters and CVs only to trust your gut feeling produces a backlog that leaves schools and candidates unhappy.

Welcome to the Future

Using Hubert and its artificial intelligence, candidate screening just got a lot more manageable. The job seeker applies and gets instant access to an initial chat interview with the friendly virtual assistant Hubert. Hard and soft skills required for the job are assessed and Hubert helps the recruiter to find fitting candidates hungry for the job.

A Successful solution

Every year schools’ administrators and teachers battle to deliver the best possible educational experience to their students of all ages. As we’ve heard from the municipalities, schools barely manage to replace vacancies. The year 2020 took things to a whole new level and will very likely have been one of the toughest years for schools in a long time to come. The Covid pandemic has meant a huge setback for students and their learning. Finding teachers and ways of teaching in times of crisis is crucial to keep the system running. Companies like NGS Vikariepoolen are at the forefront to help with a solution. Hubert is happy to assist in that mission, because one thing is for sure — The School Must Go On!

NGS Vikariepoolen
January 19, 2022
Alex Beyer
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